Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Azure Journey #2

I've just completed Microsoft Azure Fundamentals video series at MVM.Videos are really introductionary. Most confusing part of all this videos for me is Subscription and Account definitions and relations. Most detailed source I can gather is Good Practices for Managing Microsoft Azure Subscription.  In brief relations are below,

Account Owner = Account Administrator
  • Can add/change Subscriptions
  • Can add/change Service Administrator(Can only 1)
  • Can add/change Co-Administrator(Up-to 200)
Service Administrator = Account Administrator
  • Can add/change Co-Administrator
  • Cannot add Co-Admin
  • Cannot change Service Administrator

As other MVA video series, It has some little assessment between lessons. On one of them has a tricky question, so  I should note that. You map a custom domain name to an organizational domain name by adding a TXT(not CNAME) record at your DNS host.

Also, instructor mention about good sources. Like ScottGu's Blog and Azure Friday. Yet I don't want to comment about them. I will investigate follow them soon.

Another point is personalizing your Azure Management site, you should look Building your Dream DevOps Dashboard with the new Azure Preview Portal. I've tried to implement same graphics to mine. It seems, if you have free account with no traffic all graphics is getting meaningless.:)

Finally, you should take look to Pricing Calculator. Since they can charge money for different reasons if you split your app to different geos or regions.

Next objective is : Microsoft Azure Fundementals : Web Sites.

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